2 YEAR OLD DRIFTS 24 VOLT POWER WHEELS LIKE A PRO Posted on 21 Apr 15:15 , 0 comments

1000 HORSEPOWER TRUCK WALKS ON WATER Posted on 19 Apr 21:53 , 0 comments


Drew Pate unveiled his newest creation this weekend. He built a full blown tube chassis mud truck. This truck makes over 1,000 horsepower and is extremely light compared to most truck racing. This was the first time they ran the truck and it did great. I can't wait to see what it will do once they get some more seat time with it.
It features a Big Block Chevy, PTC built TH400, SCS straight drive transfer case, Dana 60s front and rear, King Coilovers on all 4 corners. This truck is going to be one to watch for sure.

CHEVY MUD TRUCK DRIFTS THE TRACK LIKE A CAR Posted on 19 Apr 21:15 , 0 comments


David Coulter showed up to the Mega Truck Series event at Adventure Offroad park on a mission. David had his Chevy truck on rails around the short course track and when it came time for the hill n hole he didn't check up and event smoked that with 2 solid passes. It is extremely impressive to see such a big truck get slung around a track like David did this one.

SUPER CLEAN AND SUPER POWERFUL MEGA TRUCK Posted on 17 Apr 20:01 , 0 comments

Barry Thompson the owner and driver of Intruder has one of the cleanest best running Mega trucks out there. His truck is always immaculate and the engine is always running top notch. Barry isn't scared to make the Blown Big Block sing either. It was pretty cool watching him haul ass around the short course track at Adventure Offroad Park.

BLOWN BIG BLOCK POWER IS AWESOME Posted on 16 Apr 09:14 , 0 comments



The Mega Truck Series is always pushing the sport of Mega Trucks. This weekend at Adventure Offroad Park they let the big trucks run the short course track. This is the first time that I have ever seen them really run the big trucks for such a long distance. It was awesome to watch the 1200 horsepower beast rip around this track.

OUTLAW HITS THE ROCKS Posted on 09 Apr 15:07 , 0 comments


Clayton Hollingsworth was able to get a new engine in his buggy Outlaw and bring it out to Adventure Offroad Park. The Pro Rock Racing Series had two good courses picked out that were pure rock hills. This was the first time that Clayton has had the Outlaw buggy on big rocks and it worked great. Clayton ended up in 2nd place for the day.

Tim Camerons UnderRated Rock Bouncer Compilation Posted on 06 Apr 22:07 , 0 comments

Tim Camerons buggy UnderRated was one of the best working buggies I have ever seen. We put together a nice compilation video of a bunch of the climbs and races that TC did in this buggy. So sit back and enjoy this action packed video as Tim Cameron puts UnderRated through the ringer.

PAVED ROAD TO IMPOSSIBLE CLIMB Posted on 04 Apr 16:34 , 0 comments

Full Throttle Mud Slinging Hill Climb Action Posted on 03 Apr 16:30 , 0 comments


The first hill of the Southern Rock Race at WildCat Offroad park was a muddy mess. This hill was long and slick and took all the horsepower these rock bouncers had to make it out the top. Several of the drivers made it pretty easy while others took some wild rides and gave it everything they had. Brandon Davis the driver of ShowTime 2.0 had the fastest time of the hill with a 22 second run but unfortunately he hit a tree after the finish line and broke the front axle.